Reporter reveals real truth behind Jordan Poole’s exit from Warriors

Even though Jordan Poole is no longer a member of the Golden State Warriors, speculation over his leaving continues.

Soon after the 2022–23 season ended, the fourth-year guard was dealt to the Washington Wizards. One of Poole’s first actions after being traded was to unfollow his former teammate Draymond Green on Instagram, as discovered by online sleuths.

Many saw Poole’s friendship with Green, and ultimately the Warriors, as tainted by the viral punch that occurred during the 2022 summer.

Green, though, might not have even been the most vociferous supporter of firing Poole. According to NBA analyst Jason Dumas, the combo guard’s deteriorating relationship with Warriors head coach Steve Kerr may have been more to blame. Dumas was speaking on 95.7 The Game’s “The Morning Roast” on Friday.

“I honestly think the relationship between him and Steve was more of what got him traded than his relationship with him and Draymond Green,” Dumas told the hosts, as transcribed by 95.7 The Game’s Alex Espinoza. “I just think he was kinda fed up with the fact that Jordan was kinda huffin’ and puffin’ that he wasn’t in the right role for him. I think that had more to do with him being moved than that punch. The punch didn’t help and his relationship with Draymond wasn’t great, but I think Steve was more fed up than anything.”

While it’s possible that Poole and Kerr had a falling out that greased the wheels for the former’s departure, the world rarely operates in absolutes. Onlookers can only speculate until Poole himself speaks.






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