Warriors’ Draymond Green sends savage warning to LeBron James

It’s no secret that Draymond Green, a standout for the Golden State Warriors, is very tight with LeBron James. So much so that some people have publicly criticized his friendship with the Los Angeles Lakers talisman, claiming that it would distract from or otherwise interfere with their basketball matchups.

Draymond, however, is not having any of that. The Warriors veteran recently appeared as a guest on the Wave Sports + Entertainment podcast P with Paul George, where he discussed his friendship with LeBron as one of the subjects of conversation. Green was frank about how he doesn’t let his interactions with other people affect how he plays against them on the court:

“When you step on the court there is no friends,” Green said. “… As far as us being as tight as we are, that’s my big brother. Love him to death. Ain’t nothing changing that.

“… Best of friends work at Google and Apple. … It’s not an issue. It’s like, ‘Oh, that’s cool,’ but because [our relationship] is on display in front of the world, then like, ‘Oh, it’s an issue.’ But how I separate the two is, at the end of the day I’m trying to win these basketball games, and I’m trying to win these championships. If you stand in the way of that, you stand in the way of that. We’re gonna battle and I’ll take your head off. To this day I still will take ‘Bron’s head off, no problem when we’re on the court. And he’s still gonna try to take my head off, no problem when we’re on the court. But there is a respect and a love that’s there that no basketball is gonna change.”

When they are on the court together, LeBron probably feels exactly the same way about him as Draymond Green did. This is what makes their connection unique, and it’s also the reason they hold each other in such high regard.

Even while they get along great off the court, their on-court rivalry is a very other story.





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