Draymond Green throws some Massive shade at Jordan Poole after 4-year deal

Draymond Green fired one final shot at his former teammate Jordan Poole before signing a four-year, $100 million contract to stay with the Golden State Warriors.

At a 2022 preseason practice, the two got into a heated argument during which Green severely hit Poole in the face for reportedly disobeying head coach Steve Kerr. Despite Poole being moved to the Washington Wizards earlier this month, Green’s mocking has continued.

In advance of Capital One’s “The Match VIII,” Green created an NBA starting lineup using a filter in a TikTok video for Bleacher Report. Green was charged with choosing a Wizard for the squad after choosing Darius Garland and Lauri Markkanen as his representatives for the Cavaliers and Jazz.

Kyle Kuzma, a forward, was ultimately Green’s choice after he coincidentally ran out of options.

“Who’s still on Washington’s team?” Green laughed. “Kuz, I’m taking Kuz at the four.”

Green’s most recent insult might seem superfluous, but it is probably in response to the knowledge that Poole unfollowed the four-time champion on Instagram as soon as he was moved to Washington.

Green claimed responsibility for the Warriors’ recent elimination in the second round of the playoffs when they failed to successfully defend their 2022 championship, blaming it on his preseason punch.

Green said in Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals last month: “None of [Golden State’s regular season struggles] happen if [the altercation] doesn’t happen… we would still be playing.”

Now that Poole is gone from the locker room, maybe the Warriors can get back together and start winning championships again.





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