Report: Huge price for Warriors to Re-Sign Draymond Green revealed

The Golden State Warriors have emphasized numerous times that they cannot win another NBA championship in their current form without Draymond Green, but doing so won’t be cheap.

On Wednesday, June 29, Marcus Thompson of The Athletic appeared on KNBR’s Papa & Lund Show. He predicted that the Dubs would offer Green a three-year deal worth between $28 and $33 million each year.

“I think it’s three years, and I think that’s probably the cap,” Thompson said. “I think the Warriors are going to try to sell him on, ‘You’re going to have to give us a little bit of money back so we can win a championship.’ Draymond has been in this situation at every point in his career where he’s taken a bit less than market value. So, I do feel like he may have to do that again.”

This summer, the star forward for the Dubs decided against signing a four-year, $99.67 million contract that would have earned him just under $27.6 million in 2023–2024.

“I’m saying somewhere between [three years] and $85 million-$100 million is where I think it lands, just because I don’t think he can get more than that on the market, and the Warriors aren’t going to pay over the market for him,” Thompson continued. “Even [the] Sacramento [Kings] can’t give him $34 [million]. They’ve still got to extend Domantas Sabonis, and they might want to keep a few guys. All of that money isn’t just money for Draymond.”

Draymond Green Will Cost Warriors Much More Money Than Just His Salary

Green’s cost to the Warriors will be significantly higher even if, for the sake of argument, he secures $100 million in compensation from them over the course of the next three seasons.

The fact that Green will probably continue to influence Golden State’s culture has probably already cost the team money, according to Poole, who unfollowed Green on social media minutes after being dealt to the Washington Wizards to express his views toward his ex-teammate.

The Warriors will pay repeater tax rates on Green’s contract because to their insurmountable luxury tax debt. Green’s Bird Rights, which the team controls, creates a cap exemption that will somewhat ease the financial damage, though it will still be extremely onerous. Due to the fines they will incur for spending so much on the roster over the past few years, the Dubs must persuade Green to accept a little less money because every dollar they pay him is increased.

“I think [Green] can get $30 [million] on the market,” Thompson told KNBR. “So, for me, the Warriors have to come somewhere between [three years] for [$80 million] and probably tap out at [$100 million] on the back end with incentives and stuff. That’s what I envision.”






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