Warriors know Draymond has leverage in contract negotiations

Less than ten months after the Warriors’ front-office group met to discuss whether Draymond Green’s benefits still exceeded the moments of unrest, those same shot callers are in Draymond-or-bust mode and aren’t even trying to hide it.

The Warriors came to a logical conclusion after pretending for a few weeks that Jordan Poole and Draymond could get along swimmingly by September of next year. It would be one. And the youthful, exciting player still two or three years away from his NBA peak would be Poole.

In essence, the Warriors choose to go with Draymond, 33, and his uncertain contract over Jordan Poole, 24, and his guaranteed contract.

Since the end of the season, this has been the top priority. It became evident when outgoing general manager Bob Myers stated that he would be prepared to help Mike Dunleavy, if he were to be named the new GM, keep the team’s firebrand on course.

Otherwise, Dunleavy probably would not have put himself in a precarious situation by informing Dub Nation and the rest of the NBA that the Warriors “feel like we have to have” Green after formally receiving the promotion last week.

Don’t think for a second that pitch didn’t get quickly to Draymond’s ears.

The all-out lobbying by Golden State is already in its sixth week. The concept of giving Draymond a new deal has the support of the front office, by a large margin. There was no need to speak with Stephen Curry because the desires were evident.

Draymond is scurrying into unrestricted free agency as Golden State’s unabashed ambitions are on full view. His advantage is working in his favor. He is in charge.

He has enough green options to spend most days grinningly being the focus of wild stories that swirl about his head.

Coach Mike Brown would love to have Draymond, one of his favorite players, in Sacramento to help lead a defensively challenged club with a chance to be very good for many years. The Kings have salary-cap space.

The Rockets, who have nearly twice as much cap room as the Kings, have a young, talented squad and a new coach named Ime Udoka, whose competitive basketball mindset is similar to Draymond’s.

Draymond grew up in Michigan idolizing the Pistons, who now have a new coach, a young, talented squad, and enough cap room to fly their hope-flag.

Other teams, notably the Lakers, are rumored to be open to the idea of adjusting salary in order to free up enough financial space to really contemplate a move for the four-time All-Star and eight-time All-Defensive team member.

Other teams, notably the Lakers, are rumored to be open to the idea of adjusting salary in order to free up enough financial space to really contemplate a move for the four-time All-Star and eight-time All-Defensive team member.

Draymond, who was selected in the second round of the NBA draft, reached a point where he could easily decide to opt out of the final year of his prior deal despite continuing to face criticism for his behavior and his lack of offensive ability. Three years at $100 million win every time over one year at $27.6 million.

It feels like heaven for Draymond to have his first taste of unrestricted free agency.

While he frequently expresses a desire to retire as a Warrior, Rich Paul of Klutch Sports has gone on public with the standard negotiator’s script, which always includes the phrase “explore all options.”

But the Warriors are more emotive, and Draymond values sentiment. They were the first to have faith in him since they selected him. Knowing the route Draymond took from Flint, Michigan, one can understand the importance of trust. Only the Warriors got to see him work his way into their starting lineup and develop into a crucial component in several championship victories.

Only the Warriors have Steph and Klay, who are both aware of how important Draymond is. Only they have the distinction of being teammates for more than 10 seasons, which is a lifetime in the contemporary NBA, thanks to Steph, Klay, and Draymond.

The Warriors have a rich past and the enviable memories it brings. They believe that these elements—along with CEO Joe Lacob’s willingness to sufficiently extend the company’s financial resources—will be sufficient to persuade Draymond to sign a new contract.

Keep in mind that disrespect is Draymond’s engine’s fuel. He has the ability to turn even the smallest, unintentional slight into a complete affront. He is aware that 34 players were selected before him in the draft, and he is also aware that Poole’s contract was the largest he has ever signed.

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Draymond is now receiving the VIP treatment after 11 years and four championship rings. He is a widely desired person. Why? Because he is almost a flawless winner even now while being an imperfect man, player, and teammate.

Draymond is playing the game properly. He will achieve his goals. He’ll receive it from the Warriors, who are against his moving on.





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