Jordan Poole sends cold message to Draymond Green after wild trade

The Golden State Warriors no longer include Jordan Poole. It became formally official due to his social media engagement.

The 24-year-old guard’s first action after being traded by the Warriors to the Washington Wizards in exchange for Chris Paul was to unfollow Draymond Green. He might have been putting off doing it for a while.

Green punched Poole during a training camp session; the video of the event was released to TMZ, which caused it to become viral. Poole never voiced a complaint or brought up the event in public, but Green and Warriors head coach Steve Kerr concurred that the punch had a negative impact on the team’s poor campaign.

Poole was forced to suppress his thoughts of being slugged while also enduring Green’s relentless promotion of his podcast whenever he opened Instagram. The podcast Green recorded “right after” punching Poole wasn’t at least made public.

The repercussions may have also encouraged Golden State to extend Poole’s contract by four years and $140 million before the start of the season. They’ve already moved on from Poole before the long-term agreement even took effect, possibly because they want to make a long-term commitment to his attacker.

Poole, on the other hand, hasn’t made any new posts on Instagram in the past two months, which is definitely a sensible approach to utilize social media. Even better, stop following the teammate who might have driven him out of town.






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