Warriors reveal Stephen Curry’s involvement in future decisions

On Monday, when the Golden State Warriors unveiled Mike Dunleavy Jr. as their new general manager, he was questioned about Steph Curry’s potential influence on team decisions.

“Steph can be as involved as he wants, as far as I’m concerned,” Dunleavy Jr. said. “But that’s not his personality. He likes to be kept in the loop on stuff, which he’s earned and deserved. So I think because I, and we, value his opinions and thoughts on stuff, I think you’re always running things by him. But Steph just wants to work on his game, play some golf, be with his family, so I’m not going to bother him too much.”

Curry can be as active as he wants to be, and the Warriors will always consult him, but they also don’t want to bother him too much, as Dunleavy Jr. pointed out. Although the star point guard has a few preferences, he is not the aggressive franchise player who demands to be engaged in each and every choice.

With a superstar like Curry, the Warriors are aware that their window for a championship is never closed. The Warriors should make it a top priority to make the most of his remaining peak years, and Mike Dunleavy Jr., who has replaced Bob Myers, is now in charge of carrying out that duty.

The NBA Draft, which takes place on June 22, is the Warriors’ next significant event.





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