Source: Warriors want high lottery pick in potential Jonathan Kuminga trade

In trade rumors, Jonathan Kuminga’s name keeps coming up as the NBA Draft in 2023 approaches. It looks the Golden State Warriors will have made that extreme decision for the possibility to choose an excellent talent with a high-value lottery pick if the previous No. 7 overall pick is ultimately transferred before Thursday night.

According to Jake Fischer of Yahoo! Sports, the player Golden State is hoping to acquire with a potential Kuminga trade is not likely to be available at No. 10.

“They would like to get up higher than 10…From what I’m understanding, if the Warriors are gonna move up with Jonathan Kuminga it’s gonna be, well, a little bit higher than where Dallas is right now,” Fisher told Kevin Gray on Inside The Mavs. “But if that’s something that works out where it’s a bigger situation because there’s a lot of cards on the table for both teams, I wouldn’t be shocked. Nineteen to 10 is a pretty big jump. But I’ll say this, from what I’ve been told, from who I’ve been told Golden State would  be targeting there, I don’t think that player will be available at 10, I’ll say that.”

Following several recent reports that said Kuminga was being held up with the No. 19 pick in the team’s intentions to jump into the lottery, it is known that the Dallas Mavericks are looking to deal the tenth pick, apparently making them prospective trading partners for the Warriors. Dereck Lively II of Duke, a center who clearly rose in the pre-draft process, has been mentioned as a potential target for Golden State as well. He would also help Dallas, which is in desperate need of size, quickness, and rim-protection up front.

However, Lively’s selection range most likely starts at 10, leading to legitimate suspicion amid Fischer’s reporting that the Dubs have their sights set on another player who might go unclaimed in the middle of the lottery.

According to Cyrus Saatsaz of Locked on Warriors, the Warriors are interested in Ausar Thompson of Overtime Elite. Thompson is an explosive wing with an outstanding offensive feel and developing defensive skills that might allow him get on the floor as a rookie as his shooting develops. Anthony Black of Arkansas has the two-way connective tissue qualities that Golden State has long valued under Steve Kerr, but there are comparable shooting problems with him.

Before No. 10, Thompson and Black will undoubtedly have heard their names called. The Detroit Pistons might select Thompson as high as the fifth overall pick, while Black’s limited options appear to begin with the Orlando Magic at pick No. 6.

Would teams in need of a fresh start, like the Magic and Utah Jazz, each with two picks in the top-16, be open to trading their top pick for a package centered on Kuminga? Thompson and Black, with Black very certainly being the latter, might both be available for the Dubs at pick six, but neither is certain to still be available should Golden State deal Kuminga to Utah for pick nine.

Would the Warriors be satisfied if they had to choose between Lively, Houston’s Jarace Walker, and forward Taylor Hendricks of UCF?

Mike Dunleavy Jr. and the new front staff might like Hendricks and Walker just as much as Thompson and Black. Up front, Golden State could definitely need more strength, speed, and adaptability. However, none of those prospects—who were all members of the high school classes of 2022 at the time—were guaranteed to be prepared to contribute to winning basketball as rookies, the exceptional ability the Warriors are supposedly desiring most on draft night.

Be prepared, Dub Nation. The NBA Draft, which will take place in less than 48 hours, could determine the direction of a crucial offseason that has already seen significant changes.





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