Warriors GM reveals BIG plans for Jordan Poole amid trade buzz

Guard Jordan Poole may be a factor in one of the difficult personnel decisions the Golden State Warriors must make this offseason.

Prior to last season, Poole extended his deal by four years, but he still had a challenging season that started with a preseason altercation with Draymond Green. Additionally, Poole had a difficult playoff run, fueling rumors that the team would try to move him.

On Monday, Mike Dunleavy Jr., the new general manager of the Warriors, addressed that rumor and publicly vowed to keep Poole on the team for the rest of his contract.

Evidently, Dunleavy is unlikely to publicly humiliate his player. It serves no purpose for the Warriors to potentially reduce Poole’s trade value if they do have any interest in selling him. In line with what Dunleavy is stating here, a recent story did indicate that the Warriors are not opposed to selling Poole but they are also not aggressively seeking to do so.

Last season, Poole averaged 20.4 points per game, but his three-point shooting dropped to 33.6 percent, which was the lowest figure since his freshman year.






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