Untold story of Kobe Bryant’s belief in Warriors’ Stephen Curry

Kobe Bryant, a basketball icon and a top talent scout, recognized something exceptional in Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors. Rapper Killer Mike revealed an unseen tale about Kobe’s confidence in Curry and how the Lakers icon felt the future belonged to him on a recent episode of Uninterrupted’s The Shop.

Killer Mike recalled a time he met Kobe Bryant and asked the legendary Lakers player who he should watch after Kobe retired. Kobe allegedly said, “It’s this kid if he can stay healthy, because he’s skinny…,” according to Killer Mike. I am observing him. But I believe you should follow him. Steph Curry is the name of the young man.

Killer Mike claimed to have started following Curry and the Warriors at that point, and he hasn’t let him down. Curry was well-known to have Bryant as a fan, and this little-known incident shed light on Bryant’s admiration for the Warriors guard’s talent as well as his conviction that Curry represented the NBA’s future.

Many people overlook the fact that Steph Curry was not meant to be this amazing. Even though Curry was a lottery pick, other players from his draft were far more highly regarded. This was made even clearer when Curry’s early career was marred by injury problems. After overcoming all of that, Curry turned into one of the greatest NBA players ever, just like Kobe Bryant predicted he would.






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