Report: The Warriors have released an Official Statement

Early on Friday morning, it was announced that Mike Dunleavy Jr. would be elevated to general manager by the Golden State Warriors. To officially announce Bob Myers’ replacement, the franchise released the following statement from Joe Lacob:

“We think Mike is the perfect fit to lead our basketball operations department. He has a wealth of basketball knowledge, stemming from his family upbringing, a 15-year NBA playing career and five seasons serving under Bob Myers in our front office. He’s young and energetic, has established numerous relationships around the league and communicates well with players and coaches-all important traits in this business. Mike’s ready for this challenge and responsibility.”

The Warriors have already made it clear that Dunleavy will take Myers’ spot as the projected replacement. This decision is critical for the team at this time since Dunleavy will be in charge of an offseason that still has a lot of open questions. Throughout Golden State’s dynastic run, Bob Myers has been in charge of navigating through these uncertainty; now, Dunleavy will take up those duties.

The Warriors will go into this summer with the intention of improving both immediately and over the long term. They are still determined to compete for titles. Although it’s a challenging assignment, any team that has Steph Curry on the court has a shot to compete at the greatest level.






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