Jerry West’s comments about Steph Curry goes Viral

One of the top 10 NBA basketball players in history is Steph Curry.

The four-time NBA champion is regarded as history’s best shooter.

He is not regarded as an elite defender, though.

To that end, Jerry West, a member of the Hall of Fame, visited Paul George’s podcast (Podcast P with Paul George), where he gave an intriguing comment regarding Curry that has since gone viral.

West on Curry via George’s podcast: “He’s a better all-around player than he gets credit for. When you watch him now, at one time, I didn’t think he was a good defender. I think he’s a terrific defender.”

Given that West played in a time when the defensive side of the ball was given more attention, this is excellent praise from the five-time All-Defensive Player.

Curry had a fantastic year overall, averaging 29.4 points, 6.1 rebounds, and 6.3 assists while shooting 49.3% from the field and 42.7% from three-point range.

The Golden State Warriors won the NBA Championship in 2022, but they were unable to defend it and fell to the Los Angeles Lakers (in six games) in the second round of the Playoffs.

Curry scored 50 points in Game 7 of their first-round victory over the Sacramento Kings.

Regarding West, the 14-time NBA All-Star contributed to the Lakers’ 1972 NBA Championship victory.

He is employed with the Los Angeles Clippers at the moment after serving in the Warriors front office from 2011 to 2017.





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