NBA broadcaster takes surprising shot at Stephen Curry

This postseason, there has been a lot of conversation regarding players who have been dealing with injuries and how it may have affected the performances of some of the greatest names in the game. Jimmy Butler, who is reportedly playing despite an ankle injury in the NBA Finals, shut off the discussion after Game 5 by asserting that Miami lost and there is no justification.

When discussing Butler and other stars playing through injuries, ESPN broadcaster Jeff Van Gundy, who had just joined The Dan LeBatard Show, unexpectedly took a jab at Steph Curry’s media treatment.

“It’s just so funny to me in the media how certain guys, when they play well, are cut slack for whatever issues may have occurred and other guys don’t get slack cut to them,” Van Gundy said. “Like when Steph Curry was in the Finals, every time he missed a shot it was because of his ankle and every time he made a shot it was heroic for overcoming [his] ankle. To me, if you’re out there, you’re healthy enough. And you should be judged on your performance.”

Van Gundy’s barb was amusing because he omitted the fact that Curry played despite an injury in the 2016 Finals, which is sometimes forgotten when the 3-1 comeback is brought up. Curry, like any other celebrities, might get a pass from some media members, but there are other times when his ailments are overlooked.





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