Seth Curry reacts to possibility of teaming up with Steph

In the last ten years, Warriors supporters have virtually seen it all. Almost everything is possible, including four NBA titles, regular season records, three-point records, etc. They haven’t actually seen Steph Curry and Seth Curry working together, though.

Last week, Seth Curry was asked about the possibility of joining his brother Steph on the Golden State Warriors during an interview at the 2023 BMW Charity Pro-Am. Now that the season has over, Seth is a free agent and won’t be able to fully consider his options until the end of June.

“It’s still early on in the summer,” Curry said. “The NBA Finals are still going on right now, so we’re still getting a gauge of the market and everything that’s happening with free agency,” he said. “Towards the end of June, I’ll have a clearer picture of the options I’m going to have.”

Seth Curry has previously stated that he likes to compete against his brother Steph Curry rather than collaborating with him. Being Steph’s younger brother gave Seth the advantage he currently possesses. Seth left the door open for the potential of following his older brother and renunciating his number 30.

“I mean, hypothetically, who knows,” Curry said. “Probably him. Steph’s going to have his jersey retired in Golden State and he’ll be in the Hall of Fame, so it’s hard to see him wearing any other number, to be honest.”

Fans have already witnessed two siblings playing for the same NBA club. Despite this, Warriors supporters can’t argue that having the Curry brothers play for the same team wouldn’t be amazing.






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