Warriors’ Donte DiVincenzo linked heavily to Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers have a jam-packed summer ahead of them. As NBA free agency approaches, they have a number of personnel decisions to make because players like Austin Reaves, D’Angelo Russell, and Rui Hachimura, to mention a few, are all seeking new contracts in the offseason. By the time the new season begins, it’s extremely likely that the Lakers will have a completely different look.

The two superstars the Lakers will aim to build around remain LeBron James and Anthony Davis. The extension of Austin Reaves’ contract is certainly a high priority, but LA’s front office will also be taking a few other things into account this summer. Unnamed Western Conference general manager claims that the Lakers will undoubtedly exceed the luxury tax threshold:

“A lot depends on what happens with the guys they’ve got, (Malik) Beasley, Lonnie Walker and the bigger guys like Rui (Hachimura) and D’Angelo Russell,” the GM told Jonathan Adams of Heavy Sports. “Austin Reaves, you kind of know where he is going to be in the first two years of his deal (because of CBA restrictions).

“They’re going to be looking at the tax, for sure. They want to give their young guy, (Max) Christie, a good look, he could be in the rotation next year. I think they also like Cole Swider, who is on a two-way. It’s possible they won’t have a ton of roster overhaul, but they would like another shooter.”

With huge names like Kyrie Irving and Chris Paul already being linked to a potential move to Hollywood, the point guard position will be a hotly fought one for the Lakers. However, the Lakers will still require a few reserve players for their backcourt rotation, which might include Donte DiVincenzo of the Golden State Warriors, who is Stephen Curry’s backup:

Depending on what the Warriors do with Donte DiVincenzo, the executive said, “[The Lakers] could make a push for him.” “He might be more expensive than the tax MLE available, but he would be the right kind of guy, a shooter and ballhandler off the bench,” said the agent.

As his current contract with the Warriors expires, DiVincenzo will also sign a free agent contract with the NBA this offseason. He had a successful year with the Dubs last year, which might persuade them to prolong his contract – assuming the financial element is successful, of course. There won’t likely be a shortage of clubs willing to sign DiVincenzo if he decides to leave, and the Lakers may suddenly be one of those teams.






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