Jamal Murray reveals powerful moment with Warriors’ star

Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson was the first person to support Jamal Murray after he tore his ACL in a game against the Denver Nuggets. It still means a lot to the Nuggets player that Thompson spent a moment with him in the X-ray room, according to Murray.

Murray discussed this remarkable meeting and how much it meant coming from someone like Thompson who was going through his own injury recovery when he met with the media on Sunday.

“The first person that reached out was Klay [Thompson] in the X-ray room. That meant a lot to me, that helped me a lot,” Murray said. “Understanding that from the get go it was gonna be a long journey. Just seeing his face in that moment, and you could tell he was still recovering from his injury, he was still hurt. Mentally it just helped me a lot.”

Murray is close to winning a championship after suffering from a serious injury, just like Thompson did last year. Murray has unquestionably returned to his pre-injury form amid a historically impressive playoff run. The Nuggets guard already had a strong playoff record, but his continued consistency during this run has exceeded his previous accomplishments, and it’s a major factor in why the team is just one victory away from winning the NBA title.






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