Major Jordan Poole to Raptors trade idea revealed

Warriors guard Jordan Poole, a crucial component of Golden State’s 2022 championship run, was unable to duplicate that success in 2017. Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Warriors in the Western Conference Semifinals, and Poole had a very difficult postseason.

Due to Poole’s difficulties and rumors that Draymond Green and him may not have totally patched things up, some have claimed the rookie guard would benefit from a change of scenery. A potential deal between the Warriors and Toronto Raptors was suggested in a recent piece by Bleacher Report’s Grant Hughes.

This proposed deal will send OG Anunoby to Golden State while sending Jonathan Kuminga and Jordan Poole to Toronto. Toronto is likely to reject this trade, as Hughes points out in the piece, as Poole’s salary would exacerbate their already challenging contract circumstances. Hughes thinks Poole would be better off starting his own business in a city like Toronto while Anunoby would fit in well with the Warriors.

Since the trade deadline, there has been talk about moving Anunoby to Golden State since the team unquestionably needs some wing help. Even though it appears that he will fit well with the Warriors, Toronto is reportedly demanding a sizable compensation in exchange, and Golden State might not be prepared to make that concession.

Anunoby will be a name to watch if the Raptors decide to go all-in this summer.






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