Draymond Green reveals what’s been annoying Stephen Curry

Players who choose not to shoot at the conclusion of quarters in order to preserve their shooting percentages irritate both Draymond Green and Steph Curry.

The Draymond Green Show’s most recent edition included Green discussing his and Steph Curry’s frustration with players who refuse to shoot at the conclusion of quarters.

“Steph Curry, he made me aware of this like over through the years,” Green said. “It’s guys holding onto the ball at the end of the quarter so they don’t lessen their shooting percentage, and I saw a couple of guys do that yesterday. This is the NBA playoffs man, it’s the NBA Finals, who cares if your shooting percentage drop a little bit? That very thing drives Steph Curry nuts. Steph gonna be very upset if you just holding the ball and not shoot.

In fact, Green took a break from his tirade to compliment Jordan Poole on how his two pivotal buzzer-beating shots against the Boston Celtics helped the Warriors win the championship the previous year.

“Jordan Poole helped us win an NBA Championship by hitting two shots last year before the buzzer.”

NBA players appear to be more and more concerned with their statistics. The way players behave has more to do with other things besides the game because how they behave in-game has an impact on things like their 2K rating. The exact opposite is demonstrated by athletes like Jimmy Butler, Jordan Poole, and Steph Curry, and perhaps more athletes will follow their lead.





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