Dell Curry wants Steph & Seth to team up on Warriors

The Warriors must like the idea of having the Curry brothers, Stephen and Seth, on the team. The franchise icon is Stephen, and boy, could they use Seth.

This summer may be the most likely time that it will actually happen.

Although it seems like a “longshot,” their father, Dell Curry, can see the advantages. In a Zoom conference held on Thursday to promote the American Century Golf Championship, which gets underway on July 12 at Edgewood Tahoe, he made this remark.

“There’s always that possibility,” Dell Curry said. “The salary cap and all that is going to come into play. But I think that would be a good market for Seth as a shooter. We know how important 3s are, and he’s one of the best in the league to do it.”

The best 3-point shooter of all time is Stephen Curry. However, Seth Curry has a higher proportion. His 43.5 percent score places him third on the active list and sixth overall for his career. With a 42.8 percent score, Stephen ranks 12th overall and fourth among active students. Klay Thompson’s 41.6 percent score is 18th and sixth in comparison.

The Warriors finished second in the NBA with a 38.5 percent behind the Philadelphia 76ers, who shot 38.7 percent from beyond the arc in a league where deep shooting is more important than ever. Although it’s a fantastic percentage, it’s misleading when compared to the team.

The reduction in performance for the remainder of the squad was significant when Steph (42.7%) and Klay (41.2) were excluded from the calculation. Only Donte DiVincenzo (39.7 percent) and Andrew Wiggins (39.6 percent) exceeded 37 percent among the regular rotation players.

Golden State Warriors

But here’s how the Curry brothers could possibly exist: Seth, who is 33 in August, will be an unrestricted free agent this summer; Stephen, who is 35 and still under contract with the Warriors, has three seasons left on his deal.

Seth Curry had a deal with the Dallas Mavericks that was about to expire. It was worth $32 million over four years. That is less than Steph’s compensation from the previous season and accounts for approximately three-quarters of his career earnings.

Which brings up the financial aspect of the idea. How much will Seth Curry demand as the best three-point shooter in a market with a lot of options? And how much are the Warriors ready to spend in light of their enormous luxury tax bill?

The Warriors may decide to pursue shooters from other markets, where they may look at players like seasoned pros Danny Green and Wayne Ellington, as well as former Warriors Damion Lee and Justin Holiday. Or to a younger crowd, which would include Bryn Forbes, Max Strus, and Gabe Vincent.

Seth is the best of the bunch when it comes to pure shooters. He’s sported eight different jerseys, and he’ll undoubtedly look for a multiyear deal that would be more alluring than playing alongside his beloved sibling.

or so one might assume.

“It’s always a possibility,” Dell said. “I’m not sure what they think about it, especially Seth. Seth has always been a guy that wants to make his own way, write his own story, create his own narrative.”

Steph would be delighted. Seth did not indicate a strong desire to follow his brother last summer, but he did not completely rule it out either.

“You never know what the future holds,” he told NBC Sports Bay Area. “I wouldn’t be against it.

“But it’s definitely not my preferred choice to be on the same team as him definitely right now. I also like competing against him and trying to beat the best.”

Seth had that mindset in July. The Warriors owe it to themselves to find out if he’s more open to the idea right now.

Even if it’s a long shot, never underestimate a shooter






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