Will 2023-24 season be ‘the last dance’ for The Warriors core?

There is cause to assume that the 2023–24 NBA season will be viewed as “the last dance” for the Golden State Warriors.

The Golden State Warriors have some significant questions about their future to address, but there’s a chance they decide to put everything off for another season. The likelihood that the NBA season of 2023–24 will be remembered as the team’s “last dance” with its current core is rising.

After reporting that Stephen Curry wanted the team to keep the core together for at least one more season, Tim Kawakami of The Athletic is feeling that way. And there is reason to think Curry has a strong chance of getting what he wants if that is what he wants.

How that might affect Draymond Green
That might provide some clarity for this team going into the offseason, particularly with regard to Draymond Green’s predicament. Draymond has a player option for the upcoming season and could try the free agent waters this summer.

While he has previously expressed a desire to leave the Warriors, he recently made it clear that, in an ideal scenario, he would continue playing as a Warrior until his retirement. But that is exacerbated by the Warriors’ salary cap difficulties.

He may opt into the last year of his contract, which would be the simple course of action to avoid anything and delay those important decisions. Draymond and Klay Thompson, two key players on this team, would effectively be on the same timeline if that happened.

Both would have contracts that would expire after the upcoming season, which may pave the way for the team to make some significant changes if they choose to do so. Curry’s request for “one last dance” for the Warriors’ core would be satisfied in that case, and Golden State would have the choice to either keep the group together or effectively disband next summer.

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There is little doubt that it is a major choice that might have a significant impact on the franchise. But it was evident that a new era had begun as soon as Bob Myers resigned as the team’s president and general manager.

Curry, Klay, and Draymond might all want another chance, though. They are hoping for a chance to return to the mountaintop. How could you blame them after a poor title defense campaign in which they fell to the Los Angeles Lakers in the second round of the playoffs?

The nucleus of the Warriors could end up performing “the last dance” during the upcoming season.


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