Stephen Curry’s desire for Warriors’ roster next season revealed

After the Golden State Warriors’ defeat by the Los Angeles Lakers in the second round, there has been much debate on their future. Golden State, the 2022 NBA champions, returned with a squad that was very similar to previous one but had some significant deficiencies. These gaps, along with the regress of important players from the 2022 run, caused Golden State to lose its first playoff series prior to the NBA Finals under Steve Kerr.

As was already said, there has been a lot of debate concerning Golden State’s future as a result of its early exit. Should they try again? Must they retool or rebuild? Steph Curry wants the Warriors to keep their current core together for at least another season, according to a recent report.

In a recent article, The Athletic’s Tim Kawakami wrote, “I think the most likely scenario is that the Warriors keep most of this together for at least one more season. That’s what Curry wants. His opinion sort of matters.”

Although Golden State’s core will undoubtedly require some upgrades, it makes sense that Curry still has faith in what he, Draymond Green, and Klay Thompson can achieve together in the upcoming campaign. The Warriors will eventually need much more from their supporting cast and consistency from Thompson and Green next season, but this is still a group that just won their fourth championship in eight seasons and is eager for at least one more.





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