Steve Kerr take shots at Secretly unhappy Warriors’ players

Steve Kerr, head coach of the Golden State Warriors, recently spoke with Draymond Green on a podcast episode and provided the following insight into the Miami Heat’s culture and amount of buy-in:

“None of those guys on Miami are sitting there saying, ‘Well, I didn’t play,’ or ‘Man, they put in so-and-so.’ They’re just all about winning,” Kerr said. “And you know this from our groups that we’ve had, when you have that championship mentality, every guy is bought in, every guy is just trying to win, nobody — nobody cares about any of that stuff. You don’t go in the locker room saying, ‘Well, I should have played more.’ You just wanna win. And that’s the beauty of finding that magic when you have a championship team, is that everybody is bought in, and it makes the decision for the coach really simple. You just go with your gut, and go with whoever’s playing well.”

There have been rumors that Kerr was subtly criticizing certain of Golden State’s players who might not have been thrilled with their roles, but Kerr never really gave any evidence that he was doing so.

There is no way to know for certain if Kerr was alluding to the fact that Golden State did not always have a high degree of buy-in from every player on their roster this season.






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