Draymond Green reacts to Bob Myers officially leaving Warriors

Those inside the Golden State Warriors need some time to adjust to the fact that Bob Myers is no longer the team’s general manager and president of basketball operations. Bob has given the team innumerable contributions, so Draymond Green wanted to make sure he gave him his flowers.

Bob Myers and all that he has done for Draymond Green’s career were mentioned in the most recent episode of the Draymond Green Show.

“I’d be remiss if we got on here and we didn’t mention Bob Myers,” Green said. “I know what he’s meant to me and my career… Not for one second do I go home and not think these guys have had my back. You, Bob, through things that I’ve gone through. The camera caught you one time like, ‘I’m sick of Draymond’s sh*t.’ I had to take a step back like, I’d be sick of Draymond’s sh*t, too! I understand what you’ve done for me, I understand what Bob’s done for me, and what you guys have meant to me in my life and my career.”

Fans solely consider the on-court trades and signings that general managers have made when thinking about them. But it’s obvious that Bob Myers provided the Golden State Warriors with much more than that. He had a significant role in the Golden State Warriors’ current success by helping to establish a standard and maintaining discipline among the team’s personalities.





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