Bob Myers pinpoints exact moment he started thinking about leaving Warriors

The Golden State Warriors have yet to make any offseason roster selections, but the resignation of GM Bob Myers has already given them a devastating blow.

After twelve campaigns with the team, Myers leaves. He acted as the mastermind behind the Golden State dynasty that reigned the 2010s, which was ultimately constructed around Stephen Curry. The seeds of his prospective exit have been building for years, even though he departs in 2022 after winning a title one year earlier.

Bob Myers said that the idea has been percolating ever since the team’s attempt to accomplish a three-peat against the Toronto Raptors in the 2019 NBA Finals, as reported by Tristi Rodriguez of NBC Sports Bay Area:

“[In] 2019 we had been in the Finals five years in a row — and that’s a lot,” Bob Myers said Tuesday afternoon. “That’s exactly what you want. That’s exactly what you do it for. I had to figure out then what was left. Finals take a lot out of you. So four years ago I thought, ‘Can I keep doing this and how can I keep doing it?’

For Myers, it involves more than just making a few significant choices. It is undoubtedly a huge load to manage Stephen Curry’s peak performance and the Warriors squad around him while juggling a dozen or more additional jobs. So much so that he had to postpone thinking about the choice until the end of the campaign.

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“But you and I have both given it some thought. However, my main goal was to stay present during this season and only think about the season. But when the season was over, I began to question whether I had what it took to complete the task the way I knew it needed to be done.

Bob Myers will always be remembered as one of the legends who contributed to the creation of something exceptional in the Bay Area. Warriors supporters won’t forget the name easily.





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