Report: Bob Myers will walk away from the Warriors

With Golden State Warriors GM Bob Myers, the warning flags appear to be very clear.

Myers’ contract with the Warriors will technically expire at the end of next month, and veteran NBA analyst Marc Stein made a significant prediction about it this week in a post to his Substack page. According to Stein, Myers will leave the team and turn down the hefty offer from team owner Joe Lacob.

The general manager of all four of Golden State’s championship teams over the past ten years, Myers, 48, has been in that position since 2012. He has also won two NBA Executive of the Year Awards (in 2015 and 2017). However, recent sources have indicated that Myers might be on his way out and will probably take a year off to regroup before deciding on his future course of action.

In any case, Myers will speak to the media on Tuesday at a press conference to wrap off the season.

Many people, including this important member of the team who has expressed his disappointment in Myers leaving the Warriors, would be disappointed in him leaving. However, a Myers replacement is already part of the backup plan.






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