Analyst reveal LeBron to Warriors trade that actually “Works”

It’s practically a free-for-all of crazy ideas, speculations, trade suggestions, and everything in between at the start of the NBA summer. It’s kind of what makes the offseason so lovely.

And once the Los Angeles Lakers’ season is over, it is imperative for their supporters to buckle up all passengers in the vehicle. The Lakers’ first few days of the 2023 NBA summer have been no different, as the team has already been connected to players like Kyrie Irving and Trae Young as prospective free agents or trade targets.

Although Irving and Young seem logical on paper, recent rumors have completely turned the situation around. After Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer said that “interest between LeBron and the Warriors could be mutual,” it sparked all the exciting and terrible trade suggestions one could imagine.

One of the many who spoke out was Colin Cowherd, and his suggestions for Andrew Wiggins, Jonathan Kuminga, and Jordan Poole weren’t the worst ones circulating. Wiggins, Kuminga, and Poole for James, according to Cowherd, “works.”

Even while it could make sense on paper, it’s quite doubtful that the Lakers would find it interesting. Many “trade LeBron” arguments appear to center around the fact that he is 38 years old, but even after taking that into account, it would take much more than those three guys for the Lakers to deal probably the greatest player in NBA history.

The next off-the-wall Lakers-Warriors trade involving LeBron James

Nick Wright of FS1 made sure to one-up that offer on “First Things First” with his own hypothetical agreement before tripping over himself to condemn the Wiggins, Kuminga, Poole imaginary deal. Even without Wiggins, Wright’s suggested trade for James excludes him.

Wright suggested the Lakers trade for a trio of Moses Moody, Poole, and Kuminga in exchange for James. Although all three of the young players have potential, his explanation of why the move makes sense won’t enrage the Lakers fan base.

“The Warriors starting lineup would be Steph, Klay, LeBron, Draymond & Looney, with Wiggins and GP2 off the bench. That team wins the title.”

He would almost certainly be right in his prediction that a team consisting of Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, LeBron James, and Draymond Green would prevail. Additionally, there is almost little chance that will occur because it makes no sense for the Lakers to even consider either of these proposals. This term and potential offer wouldn’t be sufficient even if the team were to completely rebuild for no reason.






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