Stephen Curry reveals’Good Thing’ about Warriors exiting playoffs

Steph Curry, the star player for the Warriors, is considering the advantages of being eliminated after losing to the Los Angeles Lakers in the second round of the 2023 NBA playoffs.

The four-time NBA champion will compete against Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and tight end Travis Kelce in TNT’s “The Match,” a well-liked golf event scheduled for June 29 in Las Vegas, alongside his Splash Bro and Warriors colleague Klay Thompson.

Curry has a little more time to perfect his swing before the much awaited contest as he won’t be playing basketball until the NBA Finals are played in June.

“I’ve been out since, what, two Fridays ago? So, about 50-50 right now,” Curry told Charles Barkley on Tuesday when asked if he is spending more time on the golf course or at the driving range. “Obviously getting a little family time but I’m definitely preparing. 

“The only silver lining of not playing more basketball is that I get a little more preparation since the last time you and Phil Mickelson hustled me in Arizona in the first Match that I played. Me and Klay will be a little more prepared for this one. It’s going to be fun with Travis and Patrick Mahomes out there in Vegas. So I’m looking forward to it for sure.”

Curry’s absence from the basketball court won’t be sustained by many things, but getting ready to play the defending Super Bowl champs is one of them.

Star athletes like Josh Allen, Aaron Rodgers, and Tom Brady have previously participated in the competition, which is being held for the seventh time. It will be the first time NBA and NFL teammates compete against one another.

Curry took part in The Match in 2020 alongside quarterback Peyton Manning, who is now a Hall of Famer. The two were defeated by Mickelson, a six-time major winner, and Barkley. Now, the 3-point shooting king has a chance to make amends this summer.

NBA champions vs. NFL champions: in June, only one team of teammates will be left holding a trophy.





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