Rivers: Austin Reaves “Nowhere Near” Jordan Poole’s skill level

For NBA fans and even NBA players, the topic between Austin Reaves and Jordan Poole frequently comes up because they are both crucial young guards for their respective clubs. Austin Rivers, a player for the Minnesota Timberwolves, provided a nuanced perspective on the argument during a recent podcast episode.

“I love Austin Reaves,” Rivers said. “I love his talent. His best skill is how aggressive he is as a player… He’s aggressive. He attacks. I love it. And he competes. His skill level is not the same as Jordan Poole’s. It’s not even in the same realm… If you’re talking skill level for skill level, they’re not even in the same – and again, I say this as an Austin Reaves fan, I like his game. He’s nowhere near Jordan Poole.”

Rivers went on to remark that there was more to this topic than just competence. Rivers claimed that Reaves makes up for any skill deficiencies he may have with his willingness to play hard on both ends of the court, adaptability to any team, ability to draw fouls, efficiency, and a host of other qualities.

Rivers offered a nuanced perspective, admitting that Poole has greater potential than Reaves but that Reaves is much more consistent and the Warriors guard is frequently so erratic that it can restrict Poole’s efficiency.

This hot topic debate got even more heated after the Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference Semi-Finals.






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