Ayesha Curry Shares New Photo of Son Canon

Fans are enamored with Ayesha Curry’s latest images, especially how much young Canon already resembles his father Steph Curry!

Ayesha uploaded yet another photo dump on her Instagram account on May 16 with the short remark “life lately.”

The pictures show Ayesha looking stunning in some no-makeup selfies, fierce as hell while modeling some stylish mini-dresses, and even one of her playing golf. However, there are a few images in this photo dump that have rapidly attracted the interest of admirers.

Canon, her and Steph’s son, is shown in the second, fourth, and final photos eating watermelon, posing with his mother, and getting in the car, all while beaming broadly. Fans can’t help but note how much he already resembles his father Steph, despite the fact that he looks adorable!

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Canon is Steph’s twin, a fan wrote. Another person commented, “You guys look wonderful, and Cannon is certainly Steph’s twin. And yes, he does resemble his famous father remarkably well despite being just five years old.

The author of Full Plate and Stephen first connected at a youth group event while they were just teenagers, but they didn’t start dating until years later. In July 2011, they got married, and now they have three kids: Riley, 10, Ryan, 7, and Canon, 5.

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In a recent interview with People, Ayesha discussed juggling her career and family life, saying, “The first step is accepting that balance doesn’t really exist.”

We’re all just out here trying our best, she continued. I make an effort to be there for the people and things that matter even when I don’t always get it right. This counts for a lot.





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