Warriors could trade for O.G Anunoby to bulk their wings

The NBA dynasty of the Golden State Warriors may be slipping from their hands.

Given that they recently added to their collection of championships, it may be premature to write them off, but if they want to get this back on track, they obviously need more energy.

They will have to look to the trade market to get that juice as they lack cap space to sign notable free players. Even if they don’t have a lot of trade assets, they could put together a strong offer for a real game-changer.

The following transactions are worthwhile to take into account if they decide to go the blockbuster route.

Warriors Bulk Up Their Wings with O.G. Anunoby

O.G. Anunoby and Chris Boucher were acquired by the Toronto Raptors in exchange for Jordan Poole and Jonathan Kuminga.

Its lack of length and agility on the wings was evident in both of Golden State’s playoff series. By making a significant move for O.G. Anunoby, the Warriors could fill both gaps and strengthen their suddenly porous defense (14th in efficiency, down from second, per NBA.com).

If not the best on-ball defender in the Association, he certainly ranks among the top three. He is swift enough to avoid guards and long enough to trouble big men. He could typically handle the most difficult defensive assignment for Golden State.

To qualify as a defensive specialist, he would need a far larger offensive toolkit. For the first time in his six-year career, he did not surpass a previous personal best in points scored per game (16.8, up from 17.1 the season before). Additionally, he made more than 38% of his long-range attempts for the third time in four seasons.

Golden State could bring back Chris Boucher, who made his NBA debut with the Warriors, to give this squad the frontcourt depth it lacked this season. When his outside shot is successful (38.3 percent in 2020–21, 31.1 percent afterwards), he is most exciting, but even when it isn’t, he is a consistent source of length and energy.






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