Report: Warriors reveal big update on Bob Myers’ situation

Given all the media coverage of Bob Myers, it seems very likely that the seasoned front office executive will leave the Golden State Warriors this offseason. If so, NBA analyst Marc Stein predicted on his Substack that Myers is unlikely to accept another position in the NBA for the upcoming season.

Bob Myers will receive a handsome new contract from the Warriors if he elects to stay with the only team he has known since leaving the player representation business in April 2011,” Stein said. “Myers might walk away anyway, but the best current read is that this is not going to be about money. There is a strong expectation in Golden State that Myers, if he ultimately elects to depart from his post as president of basketball operations, will not work in the league next season. He’s simply too close to all the Warriors’ pillars — Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and Steve Kerr — to rush off and take another job. Especially so when all four of them have made it clear they want him to stay. All the latest indications suggest that, if Myers chooses to leave, it will be because he needs a break and wants to spend more time with his family before tackling his next challenge.”

Myers, the mastermind behind Golden State’s success, is unlikely to sign with another NBA team if he decides to leave this summer.






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