Steve Kerr Reveals Shocking Statement About Warriors Trust Issues

The Golden State Warriors were an inconsistent team this season, there is no doubting it. They appeared fantastic at times, but other times it appeared that the dynasty was ready to come to an end.

By the end of the campaign, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr himself was unable to refute the evidence. Things were not the same this season right after Draymond Green smacked Jordan Poole in the face. No matter what, Kerr continued, it’s difficult for players to regain their faith after a situation like that.

There is no avoiding it; the incident involving Draymond and Jordan at the start of the year contributed to it, according to Kerr. It’s difficult for such to go unnoticed by a team… Some trust was eroded. I’ll be as direct as I can. Maintaining contact with the players and coaches is the only way to try to change direction…We need to return to the trusting environment that helped us succeed in the first place.

Jordan Poole was unable to perform at his customary level in the NBA Playoffs this season, whether it was due to the punch or a lack of faith. In fact, several of Poole’s performances lost the Warriors crucial games. Poole was utterly awful. Jordan Poole averaged 20.4 points on 43/33/87 shooting during the regular season. He somehow managed just 10.3 points on 22/34/77 shooting in the playoffs. Poole’s confidence was undoubtedly being impacted by something, and it wasn’t simply the deception of the rival team.

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Regardless, Steve Kerr is aware that without Draymond Green, the Golden State Warriors won’t be a title contender, and Steph Curry wants Draymond back. Jordan Poole has extended his contract with the Warriors for a further four years and $128 million. This off-season, there will be a number of very challenging discussions within the Warriors organization.





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