Steve Kerr: Draymond’s fight with Jordan Poole ‘Compromised’ season

Steve Kerr is aware that Draymond Green is a key component of the Warriors’ success. Green, however, also obstructed their attempt to repeat.

Kerr was very direct about how valuable Green is to the team. “If Draymond’s not back, we’re not a championship contender. He’s that important.” Kerr said at his exit interview. “I absolutely want him back.”

But in describing his “special relationship” with Green, Kerr acknowledged that this year was trying.

“He had a great season from a basketball perspective,” said Kerr. “But he also knows he compromised things by what he did back in October.”

During a workout, Green punched teammate Jordan Poole, which became a significant news item after someone released the footage to TMZ.

Green has a player option for 2023–2024 even though he has said he wants to play his entire career on the Warriors. Green told Sportsnaut’s Mark Medina, “I want to ride out with the same guys I went in with.

Although Kerr stated that he still views Poole as a “franchise building block,” Poole had a poor series against the Lakers this year (8.3 points per game, 25% three-point shooting), and Kerr and Steph Curry were clearly irritated by him.

Klay Thompson was singled out by the Warriors coach as well because he didn’t play basketball at all over the summer and needs to be “more prepared than ever coming into training camp.”

Green still needed to regain some of the trust he had lost when he hit Poole, according to Kerr. Kerr, however, believes it will occur.

“One thing I love about Draymond is he’s always brutally honest,” said Kerr. “He can take that sort of critique because he knows it’s the truth.”

Even when it comes to the Warriors losing the opportunity to participate due to his own aggressive reaction.






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