Jordan Poole tells shocking detail on relationship with Draymond Green

Draymond Green and Jordan Poole’s brutal preseason altercation was brought up by the Golden State Warriors throughout the year, but it is obvious that they won’t be spending any holidays together anytime soon.

During a Warriors practice on October 5, Green hit Poole in the face, and a video of the incident was leaked. Green received an undisclosed fine from the team but wasn’t suspended. More than a week after the incident, Poole addressed the media for the first time, insisting that both he and Green are “professionals” and that their pursuit of an NBA championship is mutual.

Poole was questioned by Logan Murdock of the Ringer about his relationship with Green after the Warriors were eliminated from the playoffs following their loss to the Los Angeles Lakers in the Western Conference semifinals. The answer was very revealing.

“I don’t have no answer for you,” Poole said. “Other than that, we was just on the court and teammates, and we was out there trying to win games. What I do recall saying at the beginning of the season is that, ‘We’re coming. We’re going to come out here. We’re going to play on the court. We’re going to try to win a championship.’ We were teammates. It’s just business, honestly. And that’s really all it was, it is, it has been. It’s just been business. It’s been basketball.”

There is undoubtedly some ongoing conflict. One recent report elaborated on yet another how the altercation between Green and Poole might have harmed Golden State’s season.

Green, Curry, and Thompson will likely be the Warriors’ starting lineup for at least another season. Prior to the start of the season, they extended Poole’s contract for four years and $128 million, but there have been rumors that they would move him. If Golden State wants to restore order to the locker room, it could have to decide between Poole and Green.






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