Teen stung over 600 times after inserting his Pen1s inside Beehive

A Florida girl who was stung more than 600 times by bees is currently in critical condition.

The 14-year-old Lawrence Thomas, who has a serious bee allergy, was sent to Naples Community Hospital after going into severe anaphylactic shock.

The swarm of bees attacked the 14-year-old boy when it was discovered that he had placed his penis inside a beehive that was under the balcony of the family home.

“One of his friends told him that having sex was like putting your penis inside a jar of warm honey. I guess there wasn’t any honey around,” his father Robert J. Thomas told reporters laughingly, visibly grateful his son was still alive.

For young, adolescent boys and girls, sexual experimentation is fairly typical and healthy, as gynecologist Anne Gibson of the Naples Community Hospital tells us.

“I once treated a young patient, age 11, who had a huge eggplant lodged inside her vagina. The doctor recalled, “I had to tell her that her behavior was entirely normal.

When a man who publicly admitted to having an insect fetish attempted to sexually abuse a queen bee last year, a similar occurrence happened, and the man was later hospitalized for 12 days.






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