Inside Stephen Curry’s $30 Million Dollar Mansion, With Photos

Stephen Curry, a guard for the Golden State Warriors, is rumored to be the finest three-point shooter in NBA history. In addition, he has won two MVP awards and four NBA championships. Ever wonder how Curry survives given that he is the best shooter in the world? So, you can stop wondering.

The $30 million Silicon Valley mansion owned by Stephen Curry will be discussed in this article.

Curry has occupied a number of residences in the past. Curry received $3.2 million for his Walnut Creek mansion, which he later sold for $3.7 million. The Warriors star paid $5.78 million for the Alamo house at about the same time. From 2018 to 2019, Curry and his family called the 8,163 square foot Alamo home their home. But the four-time NBA champion had to act after the Golden State Warriors relocated from Oakland to the new venue in San Francisco.

Curry then sold his Alamo house for $9 million. Curry spent $30 million in 2020 to buy a 17,761-square-foot home, which he later sold to Forrest Li for $31.2 million. In the year 2022, Curry and his wife Ayesha spent $30 million on a 17,800 square foot estate.

Here is a brief overview of Curry’s $30 million home.

Photographs from: Dirt

With a larger property and a mansion suited for the finest shooter in the world, Stephen Curry will have plenty of room to feel at home and spend time with his family. The mansion is situated in the most expensive zip code in the nation. There are nine bathrooms and seven bedrooms in it. A bar, wine cellar, theater, and swimming pool are all included. In addition to these attractions, the property boasts a guesthouse by the pool and a three-car garage. In the end, this mansion was a big improvement over his prior homes.

Curry is one of the highest-paid athletes in the world, so it goes without saying that he can afford to lead an opulent life. He is a four-time NBA champion. Curry’s net worth is $160 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth, with the majority of his income coming from lucrative endorsement deals and his NBA wages.

Curry has reportedly spent $30 million on a mansion, but that hasn’t stopped him from acquiring additional properties. He recently paid $2.1 million for a 4,200-square-foot vacation home in Florida.

But for now, this is all we know about Stephen Curry’s $30 million home.






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