Stephen Curry’s net worth in 2023

Stephen Curry, the star for the Golden State Warriors, is unquestionably one of the most decorated players in modern sports history. But in this article, we’re focusing on Stephen Curry’s estimated net worth in 2023. The 14-year NBA veteran has already amassed a long list of honors deserving of the Hall of Fame, including four NBA championships, two MVPs, one Finals MVP, nine All-Star Game choices, and four first-team All-NBA selections, among many other achievements. Curry has hit the most 3-pointers ever made and is already regarded as the best shooter of all time.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Stephen Curry will have a net worth of $160 million in 2023.

Stephen Curry earned $92.8 million in 2022, ranking No. 5 on Forbes’ list of the world’s highest-paid sportsmen. His salary is $45.8 million of that, and his off-court profits total $47 million. Only one basketball star, LeBron James, is ranked higher.

Curry recently completed the $201 million increase he agreed to with the Warriors in 2017, which was the first $200 million contract in NBA history. In 2022–2023, he began a four-year extension worth over $215 million, which is giving him a salary of over $48 million. He will receive close to $60 million in 2025–2026, the concluding season of this extension.

Curry has been leveraging his fame with numerous endorsements and collaborations with major companies, just like every other top athlete in his prime. Curry has served as Under Armour’s company ambassador since 2013. The emerging business originally paid him $4 million to join. Curry’s shoe brand was a huge success, and in 2017, UA re-signed him for a much higher salary. He recently signed what is essentially a lifetime contract with the business, which will compete with Nike’s Jordan Brand in 2020 when Under Armour launches the Curry Brand.

Obviously, all of this will increase Stephen Curry’s wealth in 2023.

In 2015, Curry renewed his contract with Unilever/Degree and inked a three-year endorsement arrangement with the water filter company Brita. Curry collaborated with JPMorgan Chase and took on the role of Infiniti ambassador in 2017. Additionally, he signed agreements with Palm and Rakuten. In 2021, he also collaborated with FTX, but that arrangement backfired on him.

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Curry expanded his views even further by starting SC30, a business that oversees his partnerships and investments. He has also dabbled in film production through Unanimous Media, which first signed a contract with Sony Pictures Entertainment in 2018 before inking a sizable deal with Comcast NBCUniversal in 2021 (he is the executive producer of the movie “Jump Shot”).

In the Curry family, money has never been and will never be a problem. Steph, a fervent supporter of the Carolina Panthers, allegedly attempted to buy the team with Sean “Diddy” Combs back in 2018.

There’s no denying that elite athletes make a ton of money over the course of their lives. Curry, however, has demonstrated generosity by helping those who are less wealthy. Curry and his wife Ayesha recently established the Eat. Learn. Play. Foundation, whose main goal is to eradicate juvenile hunger. The power couple has contributed significantly to numerous organizations over the years, including by aiding those affected by the coronavirus pandemic. The Currys, who reside in the affluent neighborhood of Atherton, caused a stir recently when they voiced privacy worries regarding a housing project there.

Despite everything, Stephen Curry remains one of the best players in the NBA and eventually captured the coveted Finals MVP award in 2022. Both through basketball and his endorsements, he will have plenty more lucrative chances in the future.

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