Warriors fan found Stephen Curry’s lost NBA trophy

Over the course of his 14-year NBA career, Steph Curry has amassed enough hardware to fill any trophy case, but one prize appears to have eluded the superstar.

Ryan Channels, a supporter of the Warriors who calls himself a “Stephen Curry super collector,” discovered Curry’s 2017–18 NBA free-throw percentage champion trophy through a trading card transaction. During the Warriors’ 112-107 victory over the Utah Jazz on Wednesday night, he was able to get Curry the trophy back.

“Appreciate the help getting the hardware back,” Curry responded on Twitter.

Curry has four times led the NBA in free-throw percentage: in 2010–11, 2014–15, 2015–16, and 2017–18. His career free-throw percentage is 90.9 percent. With a 91.9 clip from the previous campaign, he came in second place to Golden State teammate Jordan Poole, who beat Curry by 0.6 percent.

Before a fall preseason game, Curry gave Poole a trophy that looks similar to the one he received for winning the free-throw competition.

Curry is appreciative to have his 2017–18 free-throw champion trophy back, though it’s unclear how or when he misplaced it or how exactly Channels found it.

It probably sits next to Curry’s sparkling 2022 NBA Finals MVP trophy right now.





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