Warriors ‘Being Punished’ by NBA

A new collective bargaining agreement between the NBA and the NBPA is presently being negotiated, and one of the league’s demands is a “upper expenditure restriction,” which would essentially be their version of a hard cap. This would be an alternative to organizations like the Golden State Warriors and LA Clippers accruing enormous tax liabilities.

The Warriors, though, are “not pleased” with this notion. They feel like they’re “being punished,” according to sources who spoke with Sean Deveney of Heavy Sports, for building their own stadium and earning more money as a result.

Oh, they shouldn’t be excited about that, a Western Conference GM said to Deveney. “The entire idea of a hard cap is based on the Warriors; it is a direct jab at them, and really, it is completely unfair because this is a team that went and did the hard work of acquiring land for an arena, constructing that arena, working with the city and the state to make it a good deal for everyone, and now, they’re being punished for that,” said one player.

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The Warriors chose to build their own stadium instead of paying the high rent and other expenses that most clubs in the league must pay to use their facilities. They paid for Chase Center themselves back in 2019, and they are now experiencing the benefits.

Even though their total tax burden is approaching $500 million, their tax bill is still out of control. However, because they are exempt from certain of the costs that other teams are, they are given a little more wiggle room.

Warriors “had the guts” to construct an arena

The choice by Golden State to construct their own arena was not made lightly. They have to collaborate with the government to complete the $1.4 billion project. But now they are benefiting from their decision.

The Warriors had the guts to do it, but other teams might have done the same thing and gained the same benefits.

The GM claimed, “They have more money than everyone else because they dared to accomplish something no one else had the guts to try. Others could construct their own arenas. They would receive all the revenues, just like the Warriors, and they wouldn’t criticize the Warriors like they currently do.

Warriors Possess High-Priced Players

The Warriors believe they are being punished for a number of other reasons as well, though. A hard cap would prevent them from keeping all of the outstanding players they’ve selected and nurtured, which is unfair in and of itself.

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“The Warriors have players who are extremely valuable, which is another issue. In the second round, they selected Draymond Green in addition to Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. Jordan Poole, [Jonathan] Kuminga, Moses Moody, and James Wiseman were all acquired after the fact.

They had them drafted. They did not sign them as free agents and pay them $100 million. However, Joe Lacob has said it before, and he is correct — they are being penalized for selecting quality players. It’s as though you can’t select too many talented players. If you don’t make mistakes, you won’t be able to pay these people what they are worth. It’s crazy, and I feel for them in that regard.






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