Stephen Curry Almost Traded To The Milwaukee Bucks, But This Happened

Giannis Antetokounmpo and Steph Curry have both received two MVP Awards since 2015. Both have received the Finals MVP Award; Curry received his first honor at the most recent Finals, while Antetokounmpo won in 2021.

With four championships to Antetokounmpo’s one, Curry has the most victories between the two. Having said that, both are champs, MVP hopefuls, and will go down in NBA history as the best players ever.

There was a time when these two stars about played together. On the off chance that this had happened, would their improvement have been the same?

Their legacies are as of now intaglio, given they are drafted items that remained with their drafted group and brought a title to town. In any case, Curry was about exchanged to the Bucks. This seem have been a form of Tim Duncan, and Tony Parker upgraded to the fullest on the off chance that Curry and Antetokounmpo were colleagues.

What in the event that this exchange had gone down?

Brilliant State Warriors Get: Andrew Bogut Milwaukee Bucks Get: Stephen Curry, Ekpe Udoh, Kwame Brown The Warriors did in the long run exchange for Bogut, who got to be a imperative portion of their 2015 championship group.

Curry talked almost the genuine exchange that went down on the Draymond Green Podcast. Bogut and Stephen Jackson were procured for Monta Ellis, Udoh, and Brown. Curry said that he recollects seeing the exchange pop up on tv.

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“I’m getting taped getting prepared to play within the diversion, and you see over the ticker on the TV within the locker room like breaking news, NBA exchange, Warriors exchange Monta Ellis, Ekpe Udoh, and someone else for Andrew Bogut, and that’s how we found out.”

Bogut was seen as a failure product when a few exchange assessments were given. Bogut allegedly inquired for a exchange.

At the time, Bogut was sidelined with an lower leg damage, and it cleared out the Warriors without their most steady scorer in Ellis at the time. It was moreover a extreme begin to his Warriors career. Bogut played fair 32 diversions amid the 2012-13 season.

The Bucks Needed Stephen Curry

But Had Concerns After the exchange was finalized, it was learned that the Bucks needed Curry. Curry was entering the 2012-13 season as his fourth within the association.

His 2011-12 season saw him normal 14.7 focuses, 5.3 helps, and shoot 45.5% from three-point run. Curry said that at that point head coach Check Jackson drawn closer him and said the Bucks needed him initially.

Agreeing to Curry, Jackson pulled him aside and said, “I fair had to let you know [the Bucks] needed you within the exchange.” Curry moreover affirmed that the group specialists were why he was not managed. The specialists accepted that his lower leg wounds were as well critical and he “was not worth trading.”

“The specialist portion, I can’t put a title to it, but I know that was portion of the discussion since it all happened at once for me,” Curry said. “I knew precisely where we were, we were in Sacramento. It was the lockout year so it was right at the exchange due date.

We get to the field and walk into the locker room. I was on the primary transport, Monta more often than not comes on the moment bus.”

At the time, Curry confronted his to begin with noteworthy harm with his lower leg. That year goes down as one of the most exceedingly bad seasons in his career, exterior of the 2019-20 season when he missed time with wounds as well. With that said, Curry bounced back amid his fourth season. It started an All-Star streak and checked the begin of his rise towards getting to be the most prominent shooter ever.

PG: Jarrett Jack

SG: Klay Thompson

SF: Harrison Barnes

PF: David Lee

C: Andrew Bogut

Thompson was a rookie that didn’t genuinely create until a couple of a long time down the street. Thompson’s moment season is where we begun to see genuine improvement.

Thompson found the middle value of 16.6 focuses and shot 40.1% from the three-point extend in his second year. He would have likely required to require a bigger part obnoxiously. 

On the off chance that that didn’t happen, he would have been created more protectively as the team’s essential wing shield since Jack was not a steady protective player.

The development of Barnes would have moreover been basic as well. Barnes was 20 a long time ancient at the time.

The combination of Thompson and Barnes would not have been sprinkle brothers fabric, but it would have still been a decent team. The insides of Lee and Bogut might have been strong protectively. Bogut was an All-Defensive player when sound, whereas Lee may center more on scoring within the paint.

PG: Brandon Jennings

SG: Stephen Curry

SF: Luc Mbah a Moute

PF: Ersan Ilyasova

C: Larry Sanders

The Bucks as of now had a point protect with Brandon Jennings, who was a beautiful strong player at the time. He found the middle value of 17.5 focuses and 6.5 helps amid the 2012-13 season. The expansion of Curry would have directed him to shooting watch obligations.

The backcourt twosome of Curry and Jennings might have had the same impact as Jennings and Ellis. The season saw Ellis normal 19.2 focuses and 6.0 helps, but the group wrapped up 38-44 for the season.

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The other pieces around Curry were not planning to be noteworthy donors within the long run. Udoh found the middle value of 4.3 focuses and 3.3 bounce back but did normal 17.3 minutes of playing time. As for Brown, he would hang around the alliance for a brief period.

Curry would have required another whiz down the street to duplicate his victory with the Warriors. That would happen amid the summer of 2013 when Giannis Antetokounmpo was drafted by the group.

The Aftermath

The exchange worked out exceptionally well for the Warriors. Bogut made a difference the Warriors win a championship in 2015, where he was an All-Defensive Moment Group choice at center. With Bogut within the center, the group was braced defensively. Bogut would play within the NBA Finals with the Warriors in 2016 and 2019 as well but would walk absent with the one championship ring.

As for Ellis, he kept going 1 ½ seasons with the Bucks. Ellis played 21 diversions in 2011-12 and showed up with 17.6 focuses, 3.5 bounce back, 5.9 helps, and 1.4 takes per amusement. The 2012-13 season saw him normal 19.2 focuses, 3.9 bounce back, 6.0 helps, and 2.1 takes.

Ellis eventually strolled absent in free office in 2013, joining the Free thinkers on a three-year, $25 million contract. Had the Bucks made a bargain including Curry, it would have been more likely he would have remained with the group.

The address into play would be on the off chance that the Bucks would pay Curry. After the 2012-13 season, Curry’s entry-level (rookie scale) contract ran up.

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Curry would concur to a four-year, $44 million contract expansion with the Warriors in 2013. The Bucks would have likely paid Curry a contract expansion in case they advertised up Bogut for him, so let’s fair expect that the Bucks bolted down Curry for four a long time.

By this time, Antetokounmpo would have entered the association as a rookie in 2013. His to begin with two seasons within the alliance were to some degree lackluster. By the 2015-16 season, he found the middle value of 22.9 focuses, 8.8 bounce back, 5.4 helps, 1.6 takes, and 1.9 squares. 

In case Curry is playing like a consistent MVP this season, which he won in 2016, we are able accept that these two are driving the Bucks into the discussion for a profound playoff push. We can at that point expect that this organization is working.

We can’t disregard that Khris Middleton joined this group the same year as Curry. That enormous three would likely be good sufficient for Curry to leave from the group in 2017. 

At that point, you’ve got two MVP candidates on the same group. The Bucks won a championship without Curry, but we might be talking almost the Bucks line and not the Warriors had this worked out.





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