Pokémon Go trainers want Niantic to revert change to 7KM eggs

Pokemon Go gamers are pleading with Niantic to reverse a recent modification to the game’s egg chart, specifically for 7km eggs.

In order to promote Pokemon Legends Arceus’ Hisui territory, there was a moment when PoGo players could capture and raise creatures from the past of Sinnoh in the mobile game.

Events do come and go, though, just like anything else in the live service game. The content of the game’s egg chart is always changing, and the most recent season was no exception.

Niantic urged to revert Pokemon Go egg change

One user has expressed their displeasure at the removal of Hisuian Pokemon in a post to the Pokemon Go subreddit, which has received support from hundreds of other gamers in the form of upvotes.

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Why they didn’t leave the egg pool up for another two weeks to advertise the Hisuian launch baffles me. The only things I was able to hatch were a Growlithe, a dreadful IV Sneasel, a good Qwilfish, and a few Voltorb, according to the thread.

One of the Pokemon that was temporarily put to the egg chart was Hisuian Voltorb.

It continues: “And now it’s back to the same garbage pool we’ve had for what feels like years.”

The notion of pressing the reset button seems to have some support as well. Someone in the comments made the joke that Niantic would answer, “You should have purchased more incubators,”

One more remarked: “Last time they conducted an egg festival, they donated a bunch of free super incubators and cut the hatching time in half. This time, there was nothing at all.

A third person said, “Like this. Disappointing. We get more time for these Pokes in a different event, and hopefully Hisuian Growlithe comes into the forefront.

Many people have voiced their sadness about the modifications. It remains to be seen if Niantic will be pushed to re-add Hisui Pokemon to the egg chart in the future.






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