Pokemon Go Ends Support For Multiple Devices Running Android

Niantic, the creator of Pokemon GO, has stated that support for Android 6 devices will be phased out. 

Users using Android 6 smartphones will need to update their operating systems in order to continue playing the mobile game after the release of version 241. Only individuals who have already installed the version will be affected by the update. Users of Apple devices and Android 7 devices will not be affected. 

Niantic chose to drop support for Android 6 in order to streamline the process of developing new Pokemon GO patches.

It suggested that support for “newer operating systems and technologies” should be prioritized and resources focused on. 

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Niantic also released a guide that explains how Android users can update their operating system. Those using much older smartphones, on the other hand, may not be able to install Android 7.


The Pokemon GO Fest 2022 event began in June 2022. Users can capture Pokemon at higher spawn rates during this time, with habitats switching on a regular basis. 

Niantic has revealed a list of the habitats that will appear throughout the event, as well as the Pokemon that can be obtained in each one and when they will change.

Pokemon GO is available on Android and iOS devices. Support for Pokemon GO on Android 6 devices ended with the version 241 update.






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