The Warriors will trade Jonathan Kuminga under one condition only

The heat is on the Warriors, who are desperate to make the most of 36-year-old Stephen Curry’s dwindling championship window after he missed out on the playoffs this year.

They could have to deal Jonathan Kuminga, a 21-year-old with superstar potential, in order to do this. Do the Warriors need to press the trigger?

Warriors front office chief Mike Dunleavy Jr. was asked “what it would take” for his team to think about leaving with youthful core players Kuminga, Moses Moody, and Brandin Podziemski following the two-day NBA draft.

“It would have to be something that we felt would unequivocally change the trajectory of our franchise,” Dunleavy responded via NBC Sports. “We like those guys, we think they’re gonna be really good. So, it has to be something that makes us a lot better than that.”

The fact that Dunleavy decided not to label Kuminga “untouchable” during trade negotiations indicates that the Warriors are willing to negotiate.

Charles Barkley made light of the fact that the Warriors “would be stupid” to even consider dealing Kuminga, a guy who many believe could rule the NBA in the coming years.

But drastic methods are necessary in desperate times.

For the 2024–25 season, Golden State has 11 players under contract. Among them is not Klay Thompson. In the upcoming days, the seasoned marksman is anticipated to make his free agency choice. The Warriors might face increased pressure to enlist Curry’s assistance if he were to leave the Bay Area.

Even if Kuminga has a few years to develop into a great player, the Warriors only have one tool at their disposal to significantly improve their team. Furthermore, he’s the greatest choice to take Curry’s place as the team’s next star player.

The Warriors are caught in a Catch-22 due of the conflicting timelines.






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